Things you need to do before travelling with your pet?

Things you need to do before travelling with your pet?

To prepare necessary documents

You need to prepare all the documents necessary for the airline and destination country and ensure that these papers are accurate and complete before traveling.

It should be noted that if the documents are incomplete, not only many airlines will prevent pet onboard, but also the pet will be quarantined at the airport of the destination country.

To choose the right pet travel crate

Most airlines have fairly strict requirements about crates. Before traveling, check with your airline about crate specifications. It requires a sturdy pet crate with adequate ventilation for a pet in cargo.

I always recommend a vinyl pad on the bottom of the crate.

The ability to lock the doors of the crate is also one of the most important things in airplane crate.

You can read the crate specifications of different airlines here.

Nutrition before the travel

It recommend to feed pet 6 hours before flight because nausea and vomiting can be one of the side effects of the flight.

Sedatives for pet

Many airlines will not accept a dog or cat that has been or appears to have been sedated. If you think that the anxiety and stress caused by flying in your pet will be too much, you can use the right medication and dose in consultation with your veterinarian. It should be noted that taking sedatives without consulting a veterinarian can have irreversible consequences.

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