“Damine Haml Atlas” ( Iran Pet Travel ) is proud to be the first official and exclusive international pet transfer company in Iran to provide its services to its compatriots.

One of the most important concerns of pet owners on international travel is always transporting pets on flights and performing administrative work and related tests to transfer them without quarantine. In all parts of the world, pet transportation companies render their services to transport animals as quickly as possible.

The pet travel is one of the most challenging issues for pet owners in Iran due to the non-existence of such a company.

“Damine Haml Atlas” ( Iran pet travel ) consisting of legal advisers and experienced veterinarians by establishing extensive relations with international pet transport companies has decided to obtain and prepare all the documents necessary for a carefree travel with pets for the first time in Iran by providing a complete package for its dear compatriots.

We hope to provide fast, accurate and responsible services not only to minimize the concern of transferring pets to dear Iranians, but also with scientific and accurate advice, prevent mental and physical damages to beloved pets.

“Damine Haml Atlas” ( Iran Pet Travel ) along with international transfer companies around the world attempts to render services in accordance with international standards to relieve the concerns of pet owners about the pet travel forever.

We hope to receive support of our dear compatriots to fulfill the above-mentioned process.